Monday, June 18, 2007

God is so good!

My sister is with me so maybe she is rubbing off on me so I am going to try the number thing.

God is good because:

  1. The boys are healthy and happy. Their weights are going up-Gavin was past his birth weight at 6lbs. when weighed at the doctor Friday. Drew is heading back up to his birth weight at 6 lbs 6 oz. which is great because he is supposed to be back at his birth weight by today (Monday). The doctor says they both look great. Drew peed all over the nurse right after she asked us if they had a good stream. Drew also was a show off by rolling over for the doctor while he was on the exam table. The doctor tried to inform him that he was not supposed to be doing that yet. My dad chimed in he is not even supposed to be here yet. Already I have an over achiever.

The boys at 1 week. Do you like our outfits Uncle Greg? (He's a pilot.)

Gavin is on the left Drew is on the right.

2. The boys are on a schedule they eat every 3 -4 hours and are sleeping at nigtht, only getting me up once each night for the last 3 nights-God is so good! They really have sweet dispositions. I am being called a nazi but I know how much kids in general need structure and they physically are fine going that long with out eating so the sooner I start trying to get them on a schedule the better otherwise all I would get done is feeding.

3. Speaking of feeding. They are now nursing pros. Gaving has a little bird mouth so he is doing better now with nursing and I love having that bond with them. Drew is a pro and I love his milk drunk look when he is finished eathing. I can't believe I am nursing 2 that was one of my biggest fears that I would not make enough milk and God worked it all out.

Daddy giving Gavin a bath. This is right before Gavin gave Daddy a bath (hehe).

4. God has also blessed us with so many people that have been praying for the boys since the beginning and a wonderful group of family and friends. There are so many people to mention I can't even start. I am going to mention family. Andrew's mom was wonderful being there to help us at the hospital and take care of our first son Harper (the dog) at night. She also cleaned and kept the house in order while I was in the hospital. Thank you Sandee. Then there is my step-mom Susie. She has also been a godsend. She has been here for the last week helping me with the boys, cleaning, cooking- you name it. She has some twin experience with my stepsister's (her daughter's) twin girls. She has been so encouraging and it has been so nice getting to know her. She and my dad also painted two of our doors and dad along with help from Andrew's dad and Andrew also put in a new garage door. We would not be surviving if it weren't for these people who love us so much and who love our boys.

5. God is also good becuause Andrew was able to spend his first Father's day with the boys and his dad. My dad was also here so we have both sets of grandparents for the boy's first visit to church and first holiay.

Andrew, the boys, and Grandpa Greene

Gramps, the boys and Mommy

6. The boys, Andrew and I feel so loved. We have had so many people send cards, food, gifts, and just help out. I don't know what we would do without family.

Daddy's boys

We are so blessed!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Welcome to the world

The boys are here! They were born yesterday at 1:25PM. Drew was 6lbs8oz, and Gavin was 5lb15oz. They both doing well and Denise is getting the hang of the mom thing so far-lack of sleep primarily. Drew is the one on the left and Gavin on the right. They are definitely not identical, but are both cute. Welcome to the world little Greene boys.