Friday, November 30, 2007

The Day after Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time and this was my first time fixing the meal all by myself. It is hard to time everything isn't it? We had some friends from our small group over. They are from Canada so we could have had pizza and they would not have know the difference. They had to ask what day Thanksgiving was on. All the kids were good (they have a 4 year old, 2 year old and one year old and one on the way). We had a wonderful time. Andrew found a golf buddy and I found someone to talk about babies with. The day after Thanksgiving we all just hung out. We took our family picture for our Christmas cards and I took this one of my boys. I am surrounded by boys. Does Harp count because he is fixed?

I have been busy working on Christmas gifts. Andrew has been busy with work. The boys have seen their first snow. We are working on Christmas gifts. Apparently, we are the Scrooges on the court because we are the only ones with out our Christmas lights up outside. It is not even Dec. 1st! So, Christmas decorating is on the agenda for this weekend in between football games.
Go Vols! (Doesn't it look like they are cheering?)

Happy birthday Grandpa Greene! We miss you and love you!

Monday, November 19, 2007

One Shot

There is not much going on in the Greene household. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving. It will be our first time not being with family. In fact, Andrew and I have never spent Thanksgiving or Christmas at our home. We have always been in Indiana or Knoxville with family. Oh, I guess we were in Spain one year for our honeymoon for Christmas. We are eager to start some of our own traditions but we will really miss our families.

I am going to post a typical photo shoot when we are trying to get a good picture of the boys together. They got these shirts from our beloved neighbors and friends Mark and Linda when they went to Europe. They saw Wicked and found these and had to bring them back for the boys. I have Wicked to read but I have not read it yet. Apparently, it is about the Wizard of Oz characters and particularly the Witch. If you remember, the witch it green so that is why the shirt says what is says. If only there were another "E" on the end. Actually for this photo session it should say, "Greene babies drool." It seems like when we get a good picture of one the other is looking away or starting to fuss or in front of his brother. The other big issue is movement, They just don't like to sit still. These pictures are just a few of the 50 or so we took. In fact, Andrew got distracted and took a few of Harp while I repositioned the boys and settled Gavin.Thank God for digital photography! Finally, they were both so wet that there was no way we were going to get a good picture and the first one turned out to be the best. There is always next time! (Sorry the last one is sideways, the boys were crying so I didn't have the time to change it.)

I still don't think they look alike. Andrew and I were just talking last night and we don't even think they look like brothers sometimes. We do know they have a mix of both of us though. Gavin has my eyes but everything else is Andrew and Drew has Andrew's eyes and everything else is like me. It is neat how God combined the two of us to make such perfect little beings. Of course we are a little biased. Can you believe they are almost 6 months old?

They are starting to really mature too. They reach for everything and of course it goes directly in their mouth. They also babble and now Drew has discovered his squeal. I was talking to Gramps (Grandpa Replogle) the other day and Gavin was screeching. Dad said you don't even here that do you? I think I replied hear what?

Speaking of talking they are talking to each other in their crib as I type so I better get on with our day. I love it when they wake up in good moods! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Not Much . . .

Not much is going on in the Greene household. It sure gets dark early here. As a result, Andrew has not had the opportunity to work much on the retaining wall except for on the weekends. It gets dark around 5:30 or 6. This makes it hard for him to get anything done outside after work. He has gone for a run the last couple of nights in the dark with Harp. Which makes us all feel better because Harp gets some energy out and so does Andrew. There is one thing that I like about the time change now is that it is light out when I take my morning walk/jog at 6. It makes it easier for me because Harp doesn't freak out as much if he can see the pumpkins, scarecrows and caution cones while we are on our walk. Sorry, Sweetheart, for my selfishness.
These pictures are taken off of our back deck. I have put the before and afters side by side. That is 15 pallets of block. Each block weighs 68 pounds. We have had help from various friends and family and we really appreciate it. If it doesn't rain this weekend (which it is supposed to), Andrew should get closer to completing it. Unfortunately, he has to give up his treasured weekend football game viewing because the games are on so early here. I can't wait until we are able to enjoy Daddy's hard work.

I know I say it every time I talk about the boys but they are growing so fast. Each day it seems like they are learning something new. Whether it be blowing spit or sticking out his tongue when he smiles they are grabbing and reaching for everything. They are also napping better which makes Mommy much happier. They are also starting to wake each other up in the crib so I am thinking about separating them. The other night Gavin started screaming shortly after I put them to bed and I went in and checked on them and Drew was straddling Gavin's head and kicking him in the shoulders. Gavin got even because the next night I heard Drew whimper in the middle of the night and when I went and looked in on him Gavin had his feet propped up on Drew's belly. Nap time is going all right with them in bed. In fact, I almost hate to separate them because they always look for each other when I put them down.

This is the boys in their jogging stroller that a wonderful family from our small group gave us. We were on our way to get the mail. They really aren't looking at the camera but don't they look cute in their baseball hats?

I just can't eat another bite, mom. This eating cereal thing is wearing me out!

He is such a ham for the camera. I had a hard time picking just one.

They are both awake now so I better go! Have a great weekend! Pray for no rain until next week !

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Day After the Day After Halloween

Blogger did not cooperate yesterday! So it was put off a day!

I totally forgot to take pictures yesterday. We had a play group in the morning and then had to go to the Mart (Wal-Mart) in the afternoon and I just forgot. We are not big on Halloween anyway. We did not have as many trick or treaters as we thought we would. I guess we had everyone we knew in the neighborhood so I guess about 20 -30 kids or so. The evening ended with Harper eating some of the candy. Luckily it all stayed down.

We did not end up going to Walla Walla last Friday, we went to Leavenworth. It was a beautiful drive and a quaint little town. It is a Bavarian town up in the mountains. We walked around the shops and got some cheese and meat. I also had a pretzel that looked better than it tasted. This little town is known for their annual Christmas Lighting Festival as well as little inns and spas. Maybe we will make it back up there without the boys.

I realized I have not posted a family picture in a while. Thank you Grandma for taking this one. The boys were really good and awake the whole time we were walking around. We tried to get some fall pictures of them but they seem to have developed a fascination with their feet so they are looking at them in almost all of them. As I have said before it is difficult to get a good picture of both of them at the same time. So this is the best we have at the moment.

We are making it official today. We are planning on getting our WA licences. It kind of makes me sad. I hope they let us keep our TN licenses but I doubt they will. Well I hear a little one stirring and it is 8:00! Thank God they are sleeping so well and the time change won't kill us! God is good even in the little things!