Monday, August 17, 2009


So it is Gavin's turn. Gavin is a very active little boy. He is always on the go. He is very concerned about his brothers and very thoughtful. He is also very obedient. With him all you have to do is raise your voice and he will stop and do what you say. I think the biggest problem we are having is that he loves his little brother too much!

Because he is so physical he also is always getting hurt. He falls constantly and if something could get hurt it will probably be him. Just when one ouchie clears up he seems to get another one. With his porcelain skin every little bump and bruise shows too. In fact, we were at the pool the other day with some friends and his foot fell in one of the drains. He was fine, just startled. The life guard said she had never seen anyone do that, leave it to Gavin. He still loves to wrestle and be close to his family.

He is also so strong. Yes, he climbed up by himself, but Daddy was there for support.

He is starting to talk more, it is just not very clear and sometimes he needs a translator. I am amazed how observant he is. The garage door, air conditioning, and the washing machine all sound the same and every time one of them comes on he says it is daddy (the garage door). The other day he said it is "just the air conditioning" when it came on because that is what I always tell him when it is the air.

He has the most contagious laughter and he laughs often at his brother or when he is tickled. He is such a sweet little boy with a huge heart.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Drew Funny

So, I stole the title from Gavin even though this post is supposed to be about Drew. Gavin always says this when Drew does something and then he starts laughing. I decided to post a little segment about each of the boys so I will start with the oldest (by a minute) Drew.

So, Drew is our talker. We have had people say repeatedly OMG they are talking and yes, they have started and Drew has not stopped. He talks a lot about bounce houses popping; things he does and doesn't like; bikes; lawnmowers; and trucks. I am amazed at how much he knows, is learning, and remembers. We can not go to Wal-mart without him saying he wants to play on the slide because there is a Burger King on the way in, with a playground that we frequent.

He loves to dance and is so observant. We were reading a book the other day and he said messy hands. Sure enough on TV there was the faucet commercial where they were cleaning their hands. Just today he saw puddles (does not happen very often here except due to sprinklers, but it rained this morning) and he said he needed to clean them up because they were wet and messy.

He (as Grandma Susie said) thinks he can converse on a grown up level and would like to think he is a grown-up. He is strong willed yet lovable. He loves to make people laugh. He has even started praying with us which is awesome to hear from a 2 year old! He even mentioned Jesus the other night so I guess our Bible reading every night even though we don't think they are listening they are. He also loves books and can point out so many things and talk about them in the books as you can see. I am amazed by him every day! I can't imagine my life without him. I just realized we waited for him for two years and now we have known him for two years and it was so worth the wait for him. I know God had a plan when he had us wait for the creation of Drew. I look forward to seeing what he becomes and the young man that he is.
Here is "Drew funny" trying on Daddy's basketball shoes:

Love you, Drewly!