Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Big Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for J. on Sat. Grandma and Grandpa Greene made it just in time to celebrate with us. We had a great time with some great food and great friends. Thank you to all who have been such a big part of J's life and thank you for celebrating him with us!

It is my party and I will cry if I want to! Or maybe it was the fact that Mommy flipped me with the string to this silly hat not once but like 3 times?

He liked the cake (I think) not sure how much it liked him. I don't know if it was too much sugar or too much birthday but he did not sleep well Sat. night.

You want me to do what with this?

He eventually got the idea!

Thank you Grandpa, we love it. Thank you other Grandpa for helping finish putting it together and Grandma for watching the kids. You would think with pictures each step it would be easy, but with no words we had our work cut out for us. I thought I was okay because it was a big box -not so much. Anyway, it is worth the time with how much time they have spent on it, minus the fighting.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Baby is ONE!

Where has the last year gone? It seems like yesterday I was planning my stay in the hospital being away from my big boys leaving them with someone other than Andrew or I. It seems like yesterday that my baby James Miller looked me in the eyes with those big blue eyes for the first time as if to say, "hi, mom sorry about all the kicking and squirming in there!"

It seems like yesterday that we brought your big brothers to meet you. They were in love from the beginning and never really jealous because they have always had to share Mommy and Daddy.

It seems like yesterday that you gave us your first smile, your first roll, your first laugh, and your first steps.

Now you are on the move constantly. God knew what he was doing when he sent you as a singleton. You can climb so well and so fast. I have several times thought about getting your pictures of places you have climbed but thought that might be irresponsible to leave you in most of the dangerous places you have climbed. All I know is I could have a really long post with a lot of pictures if I would have and blogged about it. Your favorite word is Da da and you comprehend so many things. It is amazing to see how quickly you learn things. You are now walking like crazy. You are so beautiful even with your long, crazy blonde hair and you sure have complemented our family. I thank God everyday that he has sent you into our lives. I (we) love you so much! Happy birthday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I can not believe my babies are 3! (I also can't believe it has been since Easter that I have blogged-sorry). There has been so much going on since then that I don't know where to start, so I will just pick up right now.

The boys are 3 today! We went to the Children's museum this morning and played and played. They are so fun. They love to drive things (a scary thought 13 years from now) and there are plenty of things to drive there. They also played in the kitchen and took turns holding a baby doll (we don't have any of those in a house full of boys, but maybe we should rethink that). Gav asked me to hold her and I asked her name and he said, "baby Kyla." This their newest cousin that we met back in IN last month. Another funny thing Gav said when I asked him where he wanted to eat dinner for his birthday was that he wanted to eat at Old McDonald (I am guessing that is McDonald's. We really don't eat there but they obviously love the song.

Which leads me to Drew. Drew, Drew, Drew . . . he is really good at singing and loves to do it. The boy can carry a tune! We were driving back from IN to TN (not something I want to do again anytime soon and then crawl onto planes the whole next day) and he broke out into "Rocky Top". He knew every word and the whole melody including the Wooo! So, he keeps us humming along with him.

After hearing "We got to get me on a bus somehow" for months every time after pooping, we finally rode a bus. Thanks Jessica and Stone boys for helping us out on the adventure. To be honest I was putting it off because I had never ridden a city bus except for in Ecuador and the thought of taking all 3 on scarred me to death. So, we got on right next to their house (we almost missed it due to my horrible sense of direction) and rode it to the library for toddler story time. We had our own personal escorts and photographer. Thanks again boys.

Needless to say the boys are quickly becoming little men right before our eyes. Potty training is going so well I will venture to say they are potty trained. Drew even woke me up last night because he had to pee. They are even staying dry at night and naps.

We just had their party today. It was really nice considering there were 9 boys involved(oh and 3 baby boys -just 2 girls in the whole bunch). We had a beautiful morning so they played with bubbles and in the water. I think all the moms said how they loved the time and it worked out so well for us because James slept the whole time and who doesn't need cake and ice cream at 10 in the morning? The cake turned out well except I know now how Martha Stewart would not get frosting all over the cake base. I am glad we took a picture last night after we finished (yes, we Andrew actually does most of the decorating I just come up with the ideas and bake the cake) because there were 2 finger prints in it this morning. I was up changing J and Gave came up and told on Drew (sometimes twins come in handy) and the red frosting was a give away on his face which led to a discussion on lying-but that is not a topic for this post.
Sorry for the lack of pictures we have so many good ones to choose from that I am so overwhelmed by them all and I have little patience with blogger right now. My husband and sister are too good of photographers and I am so behind on pictures, memory books, and scrap booking-but that is not for this

post either.

Back to the party, we sang Happy birthday twice and Drew sang it to himself. Three is so fun because they understood the whole blowing out the candles. Gavin was a little confused because after everyone left he said that his friends left their stuff (the gifts). The only part that I had issues with was my own child droping his drawers and peeing beside the pool, thanks for teaching them that hon. Luckily my friends assured me that, that is just boys!

Anyway, it was a great day(s) and we are off to some graduations. I still can't believe they are 3!