Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stuck inside!

So this is what goes on when Mom is away. We always said Harp was our little pony. I just can't believe he stayed that still.
I am just glad that J. was with me! I would say poor Harper but but he deserves every bit of it for all he has done for or to us! The most recent will have to be a post of it's own.

We went to a birthday party the other night and the boys were so excited. I recently prayed for thanks for Jesus' birthday coming and Drew insisted we make a cake and I thought that was a great idea so we are planning on doing that. So, they were so excited for this birthday party because they knew they were getting cake (they associate cake with birthdays) and it was at their favorite place-the Children's Museum. They had a blast and yes, I am one of those mom's that dress their kids alike. It is much easier to find them when you are out and about. Also, for those of you that know me I have problems making decisions (that is an understatement) so this makes it easier when I just have to make one decision about what they are going to wear. It think that is one of the many reasons God gave me boys. I say that because it was a set of twin's birthday and there was a set of triplet girls who were the boys age- and that was my thought, I can't imagine how long it takes them to get ready when adding the whole hair factor. It is sad that this is like the only new outfit that J has because he has so many clothes from his brothers. Anyway, Drew has developed this huge cheese grin when the camera comes out and this is one of the few pictures that his teeth don't take up his entire face. Gavin is the opposite, he is all business when the camera comes out-he gets so serious- I don't know where he gets it?

These were taken this morning when we were playing downstairs while J. was napping. I had Bunco at my house last night so the table was up and I thought-we have not made a fort yet. They are still playing! That is why I am able to blog. Just a minute, they are on the table.

So the fort just got bigger and they are entertained for a little longer (I added the coffee table-the chair is next). As you can see Harper even got in on the fun or was it because they had their bananas in the fort? You may be asking why are they black and white, well I don't know how to use our high tech camera so it was on the setting for the Christmas tree lights the other night. I called Andrew and he helped me fix it over the phone (I am so blessed with a tech savy husband) but the pictures weren't as good as the first ones so I just made them black and white.
Drew just said he was in a car driving so I asked him where he is going and he said Japan. That is a long drive. They are saying such funny things everyday that I can't remember everything. Oh, the fun of two year olds! Well, I better get J. up and feed him so the rest of us can have lunch as well. Have a good one! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Just doesn't have the same ring as corn night, does it Mark and Linda? They used to have what they called Clean Out the Refrigerator Night (corn). I am not feeling very creative tonight so we have Clean Out the Pictures Night.

James is now just over 5 months old and he had his first bit of rice cereal last night. He seemed to like it. He also did pretty well again tonight. I was hoping to put it off until he was 6 months but he has been waking up pretty early for daddy and mommy really needs her workouts in the morning. So, I gave in and it is a whole lot easier to feed just one! Of course I am feeding two others on top of the one, but it is still easier. He lasted until 7 this morning so we will see how tomorrow goes. He is really into his toys now but still hates his belly. He is now attempting to get out of his bumbo so we have had to move him to the high chair. Here are some pics from last night:

"this is new what is going on here?"

"mmm this is good gimme some more. . . "

"I'm so full!"

So is it just me or does he look like his cousin Joya?

He is a really good baby just a little too attached to mommy at the moment.

The boys are really excited about the Christmas lights. I am sure there will be more pictures to come. They HAD to wear their Santa hats to target tonight-as if we don't get enough stares. They loved the Christmas area. I am amazed what little sponges they are. They have only been exposed to Christmas words for 2 days now and they were naming everything they knew at Target. Snowman, Christmas tree, socks (stocking-Drew wanted to put them on his feet), and lights, lights and more lights. It is going to be a fun year. We went down the toy isle and they were very good, Drew just wanted to "take home" everything.
Back tracking a little bit, we went to a dear friend's for Thanksgiving. They have 2 boys-5 and soon to be 3. Let's just say I am slowly realizing what it truly means to be a mom of boys. It was wrestle mania and they had a blast. They got their fill of tractors and toy guns. It was a wonderful evening with great friends and great food!
Let's see the boys are talking about anything and everything now so I don't know where to even go from here. They are fascinated with the moon right now. They are also concerned about the turkey's sleeping habits. A neighbor has a giant inflatable turkey and of course during the day it is deflated. The other day we drove by and I think it was Gavin who said, "Mommy, turkey sleeping." I could not have said it better myself.
Drew is calling me "mom" now. Not "mommy" sniff, sniff. He really thinks he is a grown up. They are playing pretty well lately. They even play catch with the football. In fact, Drew had a plastic bucket on his head today running with the football. He said it was his helmet.
Oh, I almost forgot what is taking up all my time. Drew is potty training himself. I am in no way shape or form ready to start, but of course he has a mind of his own and his own agenda. Still not pooping in the potty but I will spare you the details (-not naming any names, Darcy). I know my sister thinks she is always cleaning up poop but my boys are each pooping at least 2 times a day. The last two at least one of them has pooped 3 times. James is at least taking a pooping break, but his are the easiest to clean- unless he has been saving up for a couple of days. Anyway, I said I wasn't going to talk about it. I really am not sure that he is physically ready yet but he stays pretty dry-as long as we are at home. Gav is not that interested. He will sit down on the potty but nothing is going on. He is very good at reminding me when I don't give Drew his chocolate.
I am sure I will think of a million things that I wanted to add but I am going to sleep. Harp is stealing my blanket and Andrew is fishing so I don't have him as a blanket either. So, I am going to cuddle up with Harp until he gets home tonight. I am not going to proof read so sorry for the errors and lack of pics-we got a new Internet carrier-long story. Good night!