Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Although most of you are probably reading this after Valentine's Day since I am posting so late tonight. We stayed around home today except for a chilly walk this evening. Before I go any further I have to brag on my husband. He, after 5 years of marriage, got me the best gift ever (okay, so it has been the only Valentine's gift) It is so pretty, a sterling siver charm bracelet. There is a catch though. After he ordered it, he read that there have been issues with the sodder used to make it and the charms. So, I am not going to be able to wear it until we don't have kids who put everything in their mouth, but it is sure pretty to look at! He is so sweet. I thought I was giving a cool gift in that I framed a cool picture of a clock tower that he drew in Charleston in '04 on a paper table cloth. I have wanted to do it for some time, but I came across it again when we were switching rooms around.

Speaking of switching rooms around. The boys are in a BIG BOY BED! They have been in them for 2 weeks and the first night was rough but after that things have gone pretty well. Then they started naps in them and the first day was rough and now that is going well also. They are now asking to go to bed (nigh-nigh). They fell off the mattress several times the first couple of nights, but now they are getting the hang of it and if they do fall it is not waking them up. They are siting in them for the pictures. I decided to get two shots out of it, Valentine's day and Big Boy Bed. It is getting even harder to take a good picture of them because they are constantly moving.

Poor Harper! He is great with the boys. Most of the time he just takes it. Their new thing is to sit on his back and ride him like a horse (while he is sitting down of course). They tend to go flying when he has had enough. They really love him, but I am afraid that unless it comes to their constant feeding him, the feeling is not mutual. He looks so humiliated!

Who can resist that smile? Will you be mine?