Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our first home!

I am not sure when this picture was taken. It does not show the big tree we took down in front of the house this past spring. We have done some painting and more landscaping. After 4 years of nagging, we also now have shutters on the house. It really brings some color in and Garvin (Andrew's dad) and Andrew have also painted the trim so it looks like a new house.

As far as our pregnancy, we are still pregnant. We are 37 1/2 weeks. We have an ultrasound Friday so we are anxious to see how big they are. We are even more anxious to meet them. We never thought they would stay in there this long and we are ready to see what they look like and discover their personalities. I am ready to meet who has been kicking and stretching me. They have been moving a lot and I have had a lot of contractions, but nothing regular and at last check I was not dialated at all. I know they have dropped a lot but I have stopped gaining weight so we are hoping they will set an ending point on Friday. We are ready to meet them and move on to the next phase of our lives as parents.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother's Day

This is Mother's Day . (An Andrew blog, not a Denise blog) 6yrs ago on this day we planted a tree to remember my sister Meredith. The picture from that day has my sister Michelle standing behind the tree. The view is a little different now, with Denise and Harper too. It's amazing how much things can change in that amount of time. I wouldn't trade a thing that I have now, but how I miss Meredith. 6yrs.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

34 weeks!

We made it to 34 weeks. The doctor informed me today that if I go into labor they are not going to stop it. I have not shown signs of labor yet so all is going well. They are still pretty high and their heads seem to be in my ribs most of the time but they are active and growing so we are getting close. Of course Andrew says they have to wait because he doesn't want them to have to share his birthday next week since they have to share with each other already. I would also like to attend the awards program at school next Friday because I promised my homeroom I would be there unless I was in labor or had already had the boys. So, after next weekend all is clear as far as we are concerned. I guess we will have to see what they have in mind.

We had an ultrasound last Friday and a NST (non-stress test). One of the pictures of baby b is great but baby a was not as co-operative as he has been in the past. He would not turn his head so we did not get a profile of him. Then when I went to have the NST he kept pushing the heart monitor off. I think he was through with doctors. I think I may have found out which one is going to have the temper. He was fine today although he did kick off the monitor just once. I think they are getting used to the monitors. They fell asleep today so the nurse took this think that buzzed and vibrated just a little and put it on my stomach. They did not like that at all. They squirmed and kicked for a good 5 minutes after that. I guess now I know how to get them to move, but I think I spend most of my time trying to get them not to move because things are getting pretty tight.

I am now sleeping in my recliner at night. I have had some swelling in my hands that has led to a great deal of pain, but the recliner has helped tremendously. I think it is God's way of preparing us for getting up several times at night. Andrew sleeps on the couch next to me so he is in heaven, he loves to sleep on the couch. Here are the ultrasound pictures. The first one is of baby B and the other is of their two heads.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Okay, here it is!

My family and Sue have requested to see a side view so here it is. Andrew got a new camera so we have been playing around with it. Second picture is in honor of my mother who gave the peace sign when she was walking down the isle to marry Dad and then I realized it also had a double meaning(no pun intended, just two buns).

The pictures are of the boys' room. This has been my craft/guest room and when we found out we were having boys I realized I did not have to repaint. All of the furniture has been handed down and somehow all the woods happened to match. They have enough toys and books to last them a lifetime! I guess that is what you get when you have a Mommy who likes to read and a Daddy who likes to play!

I was hoping to put some more pictures up above the changing table and the night stand. I was hoping their Daddy would do some artwork for them, but I guess I will have to settle for some scrapbooking pages since I already have the frames.
I guess I need to put the diaper genie together also because I have a feeling we will be using it often soon. I am 33 weeks yesterday and had a non-stress test again today. Things are going well and we have another ultrasound Friday. I hear my scrapbooking and baby books calling. It is sad isn't it? I am truly blessed because I know I will not have this "free time" again in my life or a doctor's order to put my feet up as much as possible. It is truly awesome to see what God has planned for us especially when it is even greater than we could have imagined. For instance, I would have never imagined twins or the possibility of taking time off to prepare for them. God is so good!