Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a . . .

It's a boy! Here are the pics. We have everything but a name, I guess. He may be like Gavin and not have a name until he had to. No, we are closer this time than we were with the older boys. (That sounds so weird!) I have to get used to the idea that I will be surrounded by testosterone! It will be easier at prom time though. Anyway, everything looks good. In fact, the technician kept saying what a good looking baby he was. Looks like the due date is right on and he is about 8 oz. right now. I guess my hunches were wrong and Andrew was right! -I hate to have to say that.

So, I am having trouble making out the prospective of these, but after seeing the boys so many times, I think I have it figured out. The first is a side view. The second is a crotch shot. The third is a foot and a butt (I think).

Well the boys are needing some mommy time apparently. Have a good one!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Has Started Already

Andrew had the wonderful idea (I do mean wonderful) to give the boys some old cell phones. They have played for hours with them. I am amazed at how much they pick up.

I have no idea what Gavin is saying to whomever he is talking to, but it must be important with all that pacing. Isn't Drew's smile contagious?

We went to a place called the Children's museum last Friday with one of my moms' groups. The boys had a blast. Excuse the greasy hair. They have figured out how to open their closet door and while I was brushing my teeth they got into the Vaseline. Who knew how hard it would be to get out of their hair! They look like they had not bathed in weeks!

We ended up getting a season pass since there won't be any playing outside for a while. It snowed again today. We went again this past Friday with a neighbor and her kids and the boys again were great and minus the greasy hair. Looking at the pictures, I can't believe I went out with them looking like that. so here are some better pictures.

This is Gavin playing a piano on its side with the top off, it makes a pretty neat noise.

This is Drew eating a piece of pizza that a little girl served him in the train cafe. As daddy says he loves the ladies. My guess is he is thinking this is not very good but I will try it anyway.

I noticed Drew is eating the play food in both pictures. I promise he does more than put the germ infested plastic food while we are there! That just seems to be the only time he is sitting still.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What do you think?

Not much is going on right now. I thought I would post my new favorite pictures. These were their 18 month pictures taken last month by Andrew. They are now over 19 months and amazing me everyday! Their new thing is saying who everyone is. They know Mommy, Daddy, Pup-pup or puppy, and buddy (Which they call themselves and their brother, sometimes it comes out bubba-so cute!) Gavin also says Drew sometimes, which sounds more like dew.
We have just 2 weeks until we find out what we are having and I am getting so excited. I am afraid to say what I think we are having because I hate to be wrong and I don't want to get my hopes up, which probably gives it away. Andrew says he thinks it is another boy. This pregnancy is so different than with the boys and I know everyone is different, but there are so many differences. There was 24 hour nausea from 4 weeks until about 13. I crave chocolate where as with the boys it was mac-n- cheese (don't get me wrong I still love a good bowl of the stuff and I have become a pro at making it- I use extra cheese and yogurt instead of milk and butter, good stuff!). Anyway, I am ready to start decorating the nursery and with that the boys will be moving to a big boy bed which I am sure I will talk about later. I am excited to put a face with the kicking and movement. Although I have to say, there is not as much of either and I have panicked a couple of times and Andrew gently reminded me that there is probably only one in there so there may be half the movement. He is so smart, I had not considered that-maybe because we are still not sure there is just one. It is also strange because we had already had several ultrasounds with the boys at this point. Anyway, I am writing in a lot of dashes and and parentheses so I guess that is my clue to close. So what do you the readers think? Boy or girl? Aren't those pictures great of the boys? It so much shows their personalities! What do you think good scrapbook titles would be for them since Darce will be scrapping them soon?
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

I can't believe another year has gone by. We have been doing a lot of hanging around due to the weather here. I have not seen this much snow and ice in I don't know how long. We had a wonderful Christmas and I will post just a few pictures. Of course the boys were more concerned with the boxes rather than opening their gifts. We expected that so we did not get them anything too exciting. They do love their tickle me Cookie monster and Ernie from Grandma and Grandpa Greene and their instruments from Uncle Greg, Aunt Natalie, Jett and Brayden.

We had a very nice visit with Grandma, Grandpa, and cousin Katherine. They got here a day late after spending a night in Denver because of the weather and their luggage didn't make it here for like another 5 days. We are glad they came and luckily they had an uneventful trip back home.
Since the weather was horrible we were unable to do a little get away. We did however get away for an evening. We saw the movie Marley and Me. Okay, so bring a box of tissue. It was a tear jerker. I was crying so hard and trying not to boo hoo so loud that I almost made myself sick. I had read the book years ago and I think we had either just gotten Harp or were in the process, anyway, it was so us. Let's just say the couple gets married, gets a dog, and then has kids. Unfortunately, dogs don't live as long as we would like and I will leave it at that. We had a wonderful conversation afterwards over a tremendous dinner and it was a great night. I have to add two more things about why the movie was so much our lives. 1). Harper was almost a Marley due to Bob Marley but we opted for Ben Harper because that is who we were listening to when we were dating. 2). Harper ate a diaper that morning we went to see the movie much like Marley did. (Okay, so 3 things) 3). The family was two boys and a little girl-(sigh). The Grandparents also watched the boys on New Years Eve for us while we attended a party at the neighbors. It had been a long time since we were up that late.
Speaking of #3, I had a doctor's appointment right before Christmas. When he went to examine me his first words were why are you so big? That is not really what I wanted to hear. He then went over my previous pregnancy and realized oh you had twins do you know if this is another multiple pregnancy? I said no, I was hoping you would be able to tell me. He then listened for the heartbeat several times and said they were all a couple of beats apart every time. -This still does not define anything because the boys were always less than 5 beats apart the whole pregnancy. He said my weight looks good-something I like to hear- I have only gained 2 pounds. He said he thinks it is just one but only an ultrasound could tell. We then discussed that we could do an ultrasound but that I already have the anatomical one scheduled for the end of this month. So what is another month? We then also discussed VBAC vaginal birth after cesarean which we are still looking into.
While we are on the pregnancy topic let me clear up a few things. Unlike my sister we are positive we are going to find out what we are having and have been all along. I am finally feeling better and sometimes forget that I am pregnant with two little ones running around. It is so much different the second time around. The kids will have 2 years between them and to just answer this right away I am not even thinking about potty training until the baby is here in the world for a while. Last but not least, we-I was not expecting to get pregnant so soon. As you know we waited for 2 long years and needed 10 pills to have the boys and this time-1st month! I know God has a sense of humor and likes to remind me that he is in charge and I need to let him be more. Anyway, I think that clears up all the questions I have been getting. We look forward to seeing the little guy or girl the end of this month. I am sure I will post more on this later because we are really excited to see him or her and start putting a name with the "face." It is so strange to not have seen this baby yet. With the boys we had already had about 3 ultrasounds! I think that is all I have time for now. I am sure I am forgetting something that the boys have done recently or something along those lines because they are definitely keeping us entertained. It seems like they are learning a new word every day! 19 months yesterday, where has time gone?