Friday, May 22, 2009


Okay, so we have a date set. Wednesday the 24th of June at 12:00 our baby buddy will be born, unless he decides to come earlier. That is kind of weird to think about. It is less than a month away now. Wow!

I have titled this post nesting. I think I have a different kind of nesting. It is not as much cleaning as it is creating. Whether it be sewing, scrapping, or decorating. I just can't seem to get enough of it. Unfortunately those are things that I really can't do when the boys are awake so I am naturally limited. This is probably a good thing, because I think that would be all I would do.

Anyway, here are the promised pictures of the baby's room. The theme is "Oh, the places you'll go" from the Dr. Seuss book.

The pictures on the wall are all places that Andrew has been and I have been to a few of them. I love to think about all the places our boys will see throughout their lives. Didn't the stripes turn out cute? Thank you Grandma, Susie. She taped and painted some
of the stripes and painted them and Andrew also painted some. It is hard to believe there will be another Greene boy sleeping in there soon.

I need to figure out how to make the letters pop out more. The one in the middle will have his name on it, but since we are only telling family bloggers will have to wait until the 24th.

This is another project I completed a couple of months ago. It has been sitting in our garage and I just recently put it in the baby's room until I figure out how to secure it to the walls without putting huge holes in the wall to please my husband. We are going to have to add another marker in 2 weeks because the boys will be 2!

So apparently I am not the only one nesting. I was in the kitchen moping the floors and I came down and Drew had put everything up on the table off of the floor and was "vacuuming." That is what the zube tube is, he had sound effects and everything. (Yes, Greg, Darce, and Dad it is the infamous Zube Tube. How did it end up all the way in WA?) I had to take a picture. Gavin had to get in on the action. So they are helping me nest.

The boys have not really paid much attention to their clothes. They would in fact rather be naked. Sunday I put on some UT overalls and they loved them. They discovered pockets and I have had to watch them because they kept getting them out of the dirty clothes hamper. Andrew was so proud. He snapped a few pictures of them and their beached whale of a mommy. This is a sweet picture though.

Thank you Grandma Greene for our new favorite outfits!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Happy birthday, Daddy! You are such a great Daddy! You help us stay clean and full. You are great at playing and wrestling. We have so much fun with you. We know how much you love us. You work so hard so we can live comfortably and you take care of our house-you are the greatest! We see how you love Mommy and you are teaching us how to respect her. We also see how you love baby buddy and even though we don't really understand what is going on we know from your example that he is going to be really special.

We also love that you read us a Bible story every night and pray with us. We hope we will become half the man that you are when we grow up. We appreciate you taking us to church so we can learn more about Jesus and we love that you pray for our family. We could not ask for a better Daddy!

So, Daddy we will try to be good today for you an Mommy and we hope that you will have a great birthday and we look forward to celebrating many more with you!

Love, Big D and G-man! (Aka Drew and Gavin)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Things are Changing . . .

Thought we would show you some house pictures. I have been nesting and the sewing machine has been whizzing. I added some pillows to the furniture on the front porch. (Thanks Mark and Linda for the furniture did you recognize it?)

The back yard now that all the trees and rock are in. You can't see my magnolia it is closest to the camera in the corner along with a pine.

The fence! It is great! The parts are all in, thanks dad for your help. We have enjoyed it almost every night. It is so nice to let the boys and Harper run! As you can see Harper is posing.

Speaking of Grandpa here are some pictures of Grandpa and his boys. Big Bean and Little Bean (for those of you that don't know my dad inherited the nickname Bean from his dad and Gavin looks so much like a Replogle he has now inherited the name from his grandpa.) Drew and Grandpa are looking at the Dry falls. Apparently we were at what used to be a huge waterfall. It was on our way to Grand Cooley Dam. Of course Grandpa is reading everything. This was the man who got in trouble for reading the Constitution! Thank you Dad and Susie. We hope to finish the baby's room this weekend so maybe pictures will be posted later next week (that is the goal anyway).

As far as everything else. The devotional is over and it went very well, thanks for your prayers. Andrew is still recuperating. The mornings are rough and he is still not able to eat much. I think he has overdone it since he went to work part of the day Tues. and the rest of the week. Hopefully he will get some R and R this weekend.

As far as Mother's day this is the first Mother's day we have spent together as a family. I am so blessed! To the rest of you Mothers have a great weekend!