Friday, December 19, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys.

I have to keep telling myself that there is a possibility that we will have more weeks like this week. Especially if baby #3 is a boy. Although, from the stories I have heard about Andrew's sisters and getting hurt it may not matter.

The week started out by the boys (well, Gavin) waking up earlier than he had the past two weeks. This is not my idea of a way to start the week. I was getting so used to some alone time before I started the day. I guess I just need to get up earlier. Then that morning (Monday)after getting the boys dressed we went downstairs and were going to play in the family room. Well, I married someone much like my father in that his reply to it is cold is to put on more clothes. So, I got the boys downstairs and then went upstairs to get a sweatshirt. While I was getting a sweatshirt Gavin started crying. I thought great, Drew has taken something away from him or he has tripped over something. Nope, I wish that were the case. I came down to Drew standing at the gate with a stocking weight in his hand. I went around the corner and saw Gavin screaming and blood running down his head. Needless to say, I panicked. He had a pretty good gash on top of his forehead but as with head wounds it was just bleeding profusely. I then felt horrible because I thought I had them taped down and up high enough that they could not reach. No, Gavin had the jingle bell from the toe of his stocking still clutched in his little palm. At least that way I knew that he pulled it over on his own head and that Drew just tampered with the evidence. Gav calmed quite easily and we got a band aide on it and two band aides later the bleeding stopped.

The next day we spent a wonderful meal at Olive Garden for my birthday. That was the only way I could get Andrew there even though I have been craving their salad for the last month. The boys were delightful for their first real restaurant experience and we went home happy and stuffed. Harper got a little excited and knocked Drew down on the stairs while he was still in his puffy winter jacket and he did a face plant into the stairs. He had a pretty good bruise the next day on his cheek.

Then for the emergency room injury. Thursday Drew got up early from his nap which one of them seemed to do all week. We were enjoying a snack as we were sitting on the couch. He fell off the couch backwards and hit his head on the coffee table. The impact split his upper ear wide open. I could tell right away that we needed to seek medical attention. I quickly woke up Gavin and got them all bundled up (it has been snowy and cold this week as well.) We loaded in the van and called Daddy. We first tried to go to a clinic that was just around the corner from our house. -A different one that turned us away 15 minutes before closing time with Gavin. They also turned us away saying that a plastic surgeon may want to stitch him up so his ear will not be deformed or badly scarred. So the nurse helped me load up again so we could head to the ER. Andrew met us there, thank goodness, and they saw us rather quickly. I called my dad crying and asking him to say a little prayer because I was afraid of being reported. He reassured me that they know what to look for and everything was going to be all right- I have a great Dad! The only problem we had at the ER was that the staff kept walking in and asking which one was hurt due to the bandage on Gavin's head. They glued him up and we found out that he actually had split open the front and the back and was very lucky that it did not cut all the way through. They told us they would see us again because boys will be boys. Oh boy! Or as my Grandma would say boy oh!

Here is a shot of Drew we got today where you can see his ear. We didn't want to get too close because it is not very pretty. His bruise is on the cheek that you can't see.

I came down stairs the other day after chasing Gavin from downstairs to hear the sound of a man's voice. This is what I found. He actually pulled the chair over and started a sermon we had on the desktop. I guess he needed to hear some preachin' that morning.

Gavin is doing his Santa impression. Mommy thought they were handling their spoons pretty well so she gave them a new kind of yogurt. Needless to say it was a little less thick than the stuff we were using before. They had fun though afterwards drawing on their trays in the yogurt.

We took this today at the Twice and Thrice Christmas party(the twins group here). Gavin was not going anywhere near Santa unless Mommy was with him. Drew did really well and we luckily did not have another Easter Bunny experience. We are looking forward to a relaxing week with Daddy home all week and Grandma and Grandpa Greene and Katherine coming on Monday.

Happy 5 years, my love. 5 years ago you made my dreams come true. I love you more and more everyday!

Friday, December 12, 2008

So I haven't blogged in a while. . .

This might explain why I have not posted in so long . . .

As you can see we are all in shock after waiting two LONG years with the twins. If that does not make it clear maybe this will . . .

. . . coming the end of June 2009.
3 kids 2 and under.
3 in diapers!
If I would have been this sick with the boys we may have just had 2!
Unlike my sister we HAVE to know. We will hopefully find out in mid Feb.
More later but right now I need a nap!