Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 It has been a long, long long time!  Blogger has totally changed.  So, I am going to act as if no time has passed and just pick up from our current happenings. Never mind the fact that I just spent an hour trying to get these pictures to post and figure everything else out. I hope to change our header when my sister takes our family photo next month so stay tuned for that!
This top picture was taken at our recent adventure to Glacier National Park in Montana.  It was beautiful!  We had a great time and we found out we have some great little hikers on our hands (well, with a little ice cream bribery the first hike).
We traveled on the older boys' birthday (I think they are going to get accustomed to that because we did it last year too).  When we got back it was into party mode.  We had a monster truck bash!  The boys chose the theme a while ago and it is amazing what you get if you pray about it, yes, God even blesses us with monster trucks.  The boys (all 4 in the family) got to ride on one thanks to some friends letting me know they were in town.  After being so excited about the pics I had for the invites I was just going to make my own decorations so I headed to the dollar store for some plain old plates and what did I find? You guessed it MONSTER TRUCKS!  We were decked out in monster trucks!  Like I said all I had to do was ask!
 Easiest cake I have ever done and it is not really cake but cupcakes!
 The boys before they got into their cupcakes and after:
 Drew is the one I always give the blue things to because they always make the most mess (moms you know what I mean).  The boy does not like to get dirty and he is always asking me about stain removal, yes, stain removal. He is as you can see always ready to cheese it for the camera!
 Gavin-Mr. photogenic.  He is also the messiest kid I have met!  Notice the cupcake even on his shirt!  But, man, Is he cute! The bangs have been cut since this pic because they were always in his eyes but the hair is staying long so he can be strong like Sampson!
J, what can I say about J. but he is a HANDFUL!  Cute but a full on tantrum throwing, "no" saying, I will run from you rather than do what you want me to do toddler.  His birthday is in a week and a half so I will hopefully post more about him then.  Look at those blue eyes!