Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 Months!

As I promised it is an all about James post. We have been calling him J and the boys have picked up on it too, so J is easier to type than James anyway.

J is about 15 pounds we are guessing and he is eating a sleeping superbly. It is hard to believe that at this point with the boys we were moving into our house. Anyway, he is very good natured and loves to smile and be talked to. He loves faces and things to look at. We are also having issues because he will crane his neck and try to watch TV. It seems no matter where we turn him he tries to watch. He gets his last feeding at 9 and he sleeps until 6. He takes several naps and sleeps very will during those naps during the day. He is an awesome example of what Babywise can do.

He also loves to "talk" he is still trying to laugh out loud and it just won't come out. He has not rolled over, but until the last couple of days he went through a phase of hating tummy time. He enjoyed it today and I got some great shots after his bath while the older boys slept. I am not sure how to use all the settings on our camera. I am a point and shoot kind of girl and the lighting was not right for that so black and white will have to do.

Here is another one I got before the big boys woke up from their nap. Yes, that is a Mohawk and you can really see how much hair he has. It is so light sometimes in pictures he looks bald. I just got done scrubbing his forehead in the tub so it is still a little red and peeling. The picture does not do his beautiful big blue eyes justice but only seeing him in person would I guess.
I love the rolls. Don't you wish people said that about adult pudge rolls? I am sure I will think of a million other things to write about but I have two two year olds climbing on me and asking for snack-they woke up from nap early. J. and I are going on an excursion tomorrow to Seattle. It is my first time traveling with just one and Daddy's first time alone with 2 (or any for that matter) all on his lonesome over night. I am not sure which one of us needs more prayer. Let's hope it goes well so I can get away more often!
I will tell you more about what we are doing in Seattle later when I have pictures because the pleading for snacks is getting louder, but sweet because a please is being added to the plea. I am also being slapped in the face with the smell of poop, the story of my life right now!
It has been a very blessed and happy 3months getting to know you, J!

Friday, September 11, 2009

What Am I Doing?

I think I ask myself that question a couple of times a day along with "what do I need to get done today" and "where does all my time go"? I know the answer most of the time for instance it is not even 9:30 and I have already changed 6 diapers 3 poop and 3 "no poopy just pee-pee" as Gavin would say. We are also starting things up at church so there is all the prep and stuff that goes along with that. James will be 12 weeks next week so I will post more about him at that time. He is a great baby and I am so pleased to get to know him more and more each day. It also helps that he is sleeping at least 8 hours every night-that makes us all happy! Anyway, sorry for lack of pictures and stories-there are too many to choose from because it has been too long. Goodbye for now!