Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cowboy Days

I am pretty proud of the way my first attempt at a pattern since middle school turned out! It only took like 3 nap times (that is how I measure projects). I take that back I just made myself a shirt from a pattern. I really have been feeling like I need to blog about things that I have created lately, I just have not taken the time. So now it is out there so hold me to it bloggers! Anyway, the big boys had cowboy days today at preschool. They were not to happy about dressing up but when they saw the tractor for the hayride and the seal saddle they were in and would not take the outfit off!

Honestly they picked out their own hankies. I promise! I think I have created blue and green monsters! There were so many colors to choose from and this is what they chose. I worked out really well because their shirts matched perfectly. Now just to decide if I can make their other costume before this weekend or will they be this for trick or treating?

Put a cowboy hat and chaps on the boy and he thinks he can ride anything!

Am I biased or are these the cutest cowboys you have ever seen?

Here is the whole getup! I have to say they were more work than I thought finding everything and putting it all together and would have been easier to buy the 24$ costume but I look at this picture and it was worth every minute and all the hassle!

Of course a post would not be complete without an update on the squirt. Yes, he got stuck under the couch he is not the first, and yes, I am that mom that gets the camera instead of helping him out. Sorry about the quality he got out before I could adjust the settings. Can you tell he is my 3rd?

My boys! They were all sitting on the couch this weekend and I could not resist. Yes, J. is not looking at the camera and pestering Harp (my first adopted son) but the other pictures the other 2 were not looking. How are we going to do a family picture for Christmas cards?

I love my boys!!!!

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