Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, I have been crafting lately. I am also discovering I am technologically challenged. I took a bunch on pictures of the boys' Valentine's but I can 't figure out how to get them off of my phone and to top it off Andrew has his new lens on the camera and I can't figure out how to get it off and figure out how the change all the settings back to normal. So you will have to settle for the few that I had on the other camera that i could take from 5 feet away and okay I just got on a chair and took this one.

This was Drew and Gavin's valentines that they gave away to their friends at school and their other friends. The little paper pad and silly bands where what was in Drew's valentine and the robot chocolate was Gavin's. Yes, I did them and they had no part. Maybe next year they can help:)probably not!

The wreath is cupcake liners, can you believe it? It is a foam circle from the dollar store. In fact, everything is from the dollar store (except the felt and glue, I had that on hand). I added everything up and including the cute little reusable bag it was 4$ for the project. Then I looked at prices for wreaths and I could have bought one for less than that with a coupon:( it is the thought, right?
The heart wreath from our door cost me 50 cents. I cut a heart out of cardboard (that I had from the folder when you buy pictures) and then wrapped it in ribbon that I got for 50 cents at Wal-mart. Not bad and it is okay if I leave it up past valentine's day because it is just a heart. Something I need because I have not figured out what i want to do for St. Patrick's day.

So, I have no pictures of my Valentines from today. We have had heart shaped food all day and random kisses and hugs telling each other how much we love each other. However I do have some photos Andrew took outside a couple of weekends ago. I love my boys!

So G. is really upside down but I can't get blogger to cooperate (I know Darce, I should have used Picasa)and J just woke up!

Sorry, no pictures of my favorite valentine but this is what he got me for valentine's day! Isn't the orchid beautiful. He had one before and didn't have much luck but it matches my style of gardening which is "oh, no that plant looks horrible I better water it!" Thank you Sweetheart!

Sorry that is all I've got J just woke up! Happy Valentine's day!!!!!! Hugs and kisses from the Greenes!!!!