Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grandparents are great!

Two weeks ago Grandpa Greene visited and helped Andrew with the wall and did some babysitting for me. This week Grandma Greene is with us and she has allowed me to get some things done around the house. They had different fall breaks because they work in different school systems. So they each got to spend some one on two time with the boys. It is great to have people around that love the boys as much as we do and love watching them grow and learn new things.

We went to Hogue winery with Grandpa in Prosser. He also had a high school friend come and visit so it was nice to meet Steve and Bonnie. We walked the river walk with them.
Drew and Harper enjoyed a nap with Grandpa. It was nice of the three of them to be color coordinated. Grandpa also helped take the boys to their 4 month check up. Drew was 14 lbs and 15 oz. 25 inches long and Gavin was 13 lbs and 10 oz. and 24.3 inches long. Gavin the little squirt is in the 15th percentile for weight and height and Drew is in the 39th for weight and 15th for height. And people say they look alike?

We are going to Walla Walla with Grandma tomorrow. We have never been there. Andrew went once on business so it should be fun. Grandma discovered that Gavin loves to look out the window. I think part of it is he likes looking out the window with Grandma because she is holding him. We had just gotten home from church in this picture. Gavin was in heaven he had his pacifier and his Grandma holding him. Andrew and I are going to try to have an actual date tomorrow night also. This will be our first time without the boys since they were a little less than 2 months old (that was 3 months ago). I am sure Andrew is looking forward to having my full attention. I am looking forward to having my focus on being a wife for a couple of hours.

We are going to miss them. The boys will have changed so much next time we get to see them. Thank you Garvin and Sandee!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Roll Tribe! Roll!

I got a great phone call from my former players (the seniors and Blaine) and I talked to them on the way to sub-state. They played Karns (where Andrew graduated from high school). They beat them soundly in 3 so they are going to State! I really wish I could be there! I hope they play hard and have fun. Coach Shaffer talked about a dynasty and so it has begun! Good luck girls.
I have to say good luck to Kelly, Sydney and Morgan too from Sciece Hill. They are welcome to become state runner-up. It would be cool to have the top two teams in the state be from our conference. Play hard girls!
The boys say go girls! Go DB! (Do you know how hard it is to get both of them to smile, look at the camera, keep their hands out of their mouths and get a good picture?)
We love you and miss you! Keep us informed! You better call us when you win it all!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Little Man

I have been called a lot of things. I guess being the youngest I get all the nicknames. I was called the squeaky wheel in the hospital, little man, and mini-Daddy. Now I am still called little man and Daddy calls me Mr. Cranky pants. I can't help it if I know what I want and I will do what it takes to get it. Mommy calls me G squared and Gavy because it bothers Daddy. My real name is Gavin Dennis Greene. Mom and Dad said they liked the name Gavin and then realized that it is Grandpa's name without the r (Garvin). I also have Gramps' name Dennis, I guess it is after Mommy as well. I was little but mighty at 5 pounds 15 oz. I was the active one in Mommy's tummy and I haven't stopped since. I have been very healthy from the beginning. My eyes are starting to look like Mommy's though-green. I also started to show my pout from the very beginning. Mommy said I was difficult because I would not latch on. It took me a while but I got the hang of it. Sometimes I really just don't like to eat-I am a true Greene. I do like cereal though. It is pretty good stuff. Most of the time I like to eat it off of my bib. I think it adds to the flavor.

There are 3 things I love most in this world: my pacifier, standing, and Mommy. I love the pacifier and I am now able to do it by myself. I still like to grab the hand that is putting it in my mouth though. I like to hold onto things. I love to stand up. I can do it very well. I can do it really well with shoes on. I also love my Mommy. Daddy calls me a Mamma's boy. Mommy says it is just because I am so much like Daddy we clash. Something about a cat in a mirror?

I have also found my voice. My brother likes to talk and babble. I on the other hand like to be heard. I do babble but I also scream. It is fun and I get my point across. I am not upset, I just like to hear myself.

This picture was taken Sunday, September 30th, thanks for reading about me!

So who do you think I look like now? How about my brother?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All about Drew

I get to be highlighted today because I just happened to be pulled out first. I am 1 minute older than my brother and I will always get to hold that over his head. Mommy is interested in whether I will be a typical first born because I was just the first to give the doctor my foot. Is it nature or nurture? I was born on a Monday June 4th at 1:25 p.m. I was 6 lbs and 8 oz. I had a little jaundice but otherwise I was healthy. My full name is Drew Curphey Greene. Drew because Mommy and Daddy could not agree on Andrew and just calling me Drew and Curphey after Grandma Greene's maiden name.

I love to smile. I never really stopped smiling. Now I laugh just a little at Mommy, she's so funny. I love to smile at other people too. Especially at Wal-mart and church. If they talk to me I might as well give them a smile.

I am still working on growing my hair. The hair I have is a dark blond. People love my big blue eyes. I get my eye color from Daddy and my hair color from Mommy.

Daddy calls me his lazy boy. I guess cause I tend to let my head roll around a little and would prefer to just be on my back and kick and play. I don't like to be on my belly. I am pretty easy going. I don't cry much (unless I am on my belly) and I love to eat. Daddy says I am just like Mommy.

I am starting to talk a lot. I have a pretty cool deep voice. I sleep really well ( all night from 9:00-around 7) and love to do it except in the afternoons unless Mommy is holding me. When I do play, I play hard.

We are just starting to eat some cereal. I don't like it to much but if Mommy is cheering for me I will eat it now and smile even though I don't like the taste at all. I really did not like it at first Now I am getting the hang of it.

Thank you for reading about me.
I hear my brother crying so Mommy has to go.
This is the most recent picture of me taken Sunday, September 30th.