Friday, July 20, 2007

A week from today!

We are getting ready for the move. A week from today we leave Johnson City. The boys are getting so big! Here is a rare opportunity that both boys are awake, not crying and I got a picture of it!
We had a really good week with the boy's cousins Jett and Brayden. It was great to see my brother and Natalie and I think they enjoyed meeting the boys for the first time. I had some firsts this week in Johnson City and I have lived here for 12 years. We took the boys (Jett, Bray, Drew and Gavin) to the Hands on Museum and Chucky Cheese. I had never been to either place so it was so much fun to watch Jett play. It was really hard to see them go knowing that the next time we see them in person Drew, Gavin, and Bray will probably be walking. I will miss seeing them even though Greg taught Jett that I am Aunt D.D. (a nickname I have always hated), but when he says it, it is like music to my ears instead of grating on my nerves. It was so nice to see Brayden smile. We have not seen him since he was 3 or 4 days old and he is such a good happy baby.
I have a prayer request. I may have mentioned that one of our biggest obstacles has been getting Harper out to WA with us. Well, we have made special arrangements just for him like flying out of Knoxville and into Portland because both other local airports do not have planes big enough for Harp to fly cargo. He has to get a clean bill of health Monday at the vet. It is costing us a small fortune to get him there and we have to rent a bigger car that is not covered to get him home the 3 hour drive from Portland to Richland. Well, here is the prayer request. The logistics of actually getting him on the planes. In Knoxville, the cargo office does not open until like 6:30 or 7 and our flight leaves at 7:40 in a different part of the airport. Once we get to Atlanta if the temperature is above 85 they won't put him on the plane. I have no idea what they do with him if he can't get on the plane. All of this is only if he can get on the planes if there is not too much cargo. So, please be in prayer that Andrew does not have an anxiety attack about all this and that we make it through this leg of our journey. He is our first born and we love him and would do just about anything for him even though he is full of all kinds of energy and is obsessive compulsive and does not know how big he is-WE LOVE the big lug!
This is going to be my last post before the move so next time I will be writing from WA providing our computer and all our other stuff makes it there. Please keep us in mind next week as we prepare to move and say goodbye to old friends and the next week as we see our new home and try to settle in. I hope to send the birth announcements and our change of address next week. Please keep in touch.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Moving Right Along

Here are the boys in their 4th of July outfits. We did not do anything special, we decided that the fireworks were too late so we just stayed home.

We went to see Andrew's grandma, the boys great grandma- all 90 pounds of her. I think her dog eats more than she does.

The boys are 5 1/2 weeks old now. They are doing well and getting big. We did have a case of thrush though. Talk about purple dye everywhere. Gavin looks embarrassed.

Aren't these outfits cute? Aunt Michelle called them soccer butts. Thank you Grandma Susie for the shoes. We love them and have so many outfits that match them and we know how Mommy is about matching.

Moving plans are still moving along. Only a little over 2 weeks left now. We are looking forward to Uncle Greg, Aunt Natalie, and Jett and Brayden to come and visit next week then it is packing time.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Back from the Dark ages!

So you probably thought I was just a busy mom. Well, I am, but my Internet has not been working for 2 weeks. Talk about living in the dark ages. Of course it went out at the worst possible time. I have some big news so you will have to read on!

Brotherly love. Yes, this is Gavin sucking on Drew's cheek. At least he did not leave a mark like his cousin Adie left on her mommy. I love the look on Drew's face, like "what is going on here?"

They are getting so big, it is getting more and more difficult to carry them at the same time. I do love being a mom and they are such good babies.

Now for the big news. For those of you that did not know we are moving! Of course it is not just across town either. We are moving to Richland, Washington. Yes, the west coast. I wasn't kidding when I was talking about the big news. We have a house now too. Andrew went to WA last week and bought us a house. Of course, I had advised him on which houses I liked and being the good husband that he is, he chose my first choice. Yes, the boys and I are moving to house we have not really seen to a place we have never been where I have only met one person. I do have to say he did a good job though, here is our cute new house:

3537 Regent Street
Richland, WA

I love my kitchen! I love the whole house and I look forward to being the first to live in it. There is still a lot to be done, but I look forward to doing it and not fixing something someone else has done.

They don't do back yards there- go figure. So, that is what Andrew has been working on, getting someone out there to put in irrigation and sod. It is the desert out there not like Seattle at all. They only get 5-7 inches of rain a year. We will then get a fence for the Harpster. That is also another issue. Who knew how expensive it is to ship a dog. We will be all flying out there on the 28th. The movers come on the 26th and pack and then load everything-I mean everything on a semi (even our vehicles) and then in a week to 10 days we will hopefully have everything unloaded in Washington.

We now are just praying that our east coast house (Johnson City) sells quickly. It has been rough keeping the house clean and ready to be shown at any time. My family was so much help when they were here. I don't know how many times poor Susie moved her stuff and bed out to the garage for the house to be shown. We have had a lot of lookers but I guess not the right one to buy it yet. Please pray that this happens soon so Andrew can be a little more at ease and so I can just enjoy the boys and not have to worry about keeping the house immaculate and being ready to leave at a moment's notice for the house to be seen. I know that was a lot of information at one time and nothing like change all at one time. I mean first time parents, twins, selling our house, and moving across the country. Oh, and I guess I forgot my retirement which does not seem real since I usually have the summers off anyway. Please keep reading and commenting now that we are back on line and on the move.