Friday, March 28, 2008

New toy!

The boys got a new toy. Andrew's boss let us borrow their bouncer for as long as we need it. The boys love it and I know it will help their leg strength. Right now they try to pull up but they use mostly arms so this should help. It was Drew's turn in the jumper and he had a blast today. He jumped and laughed and played with the propeller. (Uncle Greg would be so proud.) Meanwhile, Gavin is playing while Mommy was sending some pictures to Daddy of the backyard. Harp does not like the jumper so he was using Gavin for protection. Yes, he sat down there. He is really good with them. They play with his ears and pull on him and he just sits there. I think he is ready to play with them now though. He keeps bringing them his toys and jumping around them like come on let's play. I know it won't be too much longer and they will be chasing him and he will probably be hiding from them instead of behind them. So while I am thinking about all that, I look over because I am not hearing the laughing anymore and Drew is asleep. He jumped so much he wore himself out. It was really cute he would bounce and smile and then he would zonk out. Then he would bounce and try so hard to stay awake and then he would sleep. I got some really good video and I can't wait to show daddy. If I would take the time I am sure I could somehow post that video here. I guess the operative word here is time. If I had the time I could do a lot of things. Maybe I should say if I would MAKE the time.

Speaking of time. There are only 5 weeks until the half marathon. We run 10 miles tomorrow so please pray for good weather and strength. What was I thinking when I volunteered to put myself through this? What am I saying Andrew is the one pushing the stroller and keeping Harp under control. Speaking of that I guess I need to go do some yoga and drink some water to prepare for tomorrow while the boys are still asleep. Have a great weekend.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

We went to our first Easter Egg hunt last Sunday. The "Twice and Thrice" multiples group had an Easter egg hunt and a visit by the Easter bunny. The boys took and early nap on the way there and slept through part of the party to wake up just in time for the snacks. There was not much for them to eat even though they tried, they had some Mum-mums and stars. Then the Easter Bunny arrived and his outfit was a little small so he could not sit down. This was probably a good thing because, they sat in front of him. All was well until Drew turned around and saw the big white furry thing and he freaked out. The picture is just the beginning of the crying. I wish we had the video camera. I thought for sure if we would have a problem it would be Gavin but he was fine. We did get a couple of good pictures before the melt down.

Then we went outside for the hunt. The boys pretty much just played with the eggs in front of them. I think they really liked being outside and it was their first time on grass. So, they were really good and took another nap on the way home they were so worn out. We had a really good time and got some really cute pictures out of the trip. I only posted a few pictures due to lack of time. Thank you Gramps and Grandma Susie for the pants and jackets and Miss Lori for our shirts.

The washing machine went out and I am expecting the delivery of the new one any minute. I never thought I would be so happy to get and appliance. Those of you with small children know what I am talking about. We have been without it for over a week!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter and remember that He is risen and He went through it all so we can be forgiven and have eternal life. He died even though we don't deserve it and never will but He loves us that much. Having boys, I can not fathom what it could be like to give up your son. I can't imagine watching my son go through something like the Crucifixion and even more for people who don't acknowledge it or take for granted this great act of love. We are so blessed and loved and I hope you feel it this Easter season as we remember the great debt Jesus paid for us with His life and God paid by sending and giving up His Son. Hallelujah He is risen!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Guess I am It

I don't know if I have ever played tag with my sister but I guess I am it. Thanks, Darce . . .

The rules are- to quote my sister because I have never heard of this: Rules are:

* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So, here we go:

  1. I am currently training for a half marathon. I have never run more than 8 miles which I did two weeks ago in training. I don't like to run, I am not a runner, and for some reason I like to torture myself with running. I do like the runner's high. Growing up running was always a punishment for not doing something right or to get into shape. Now, it is actually something I do for fun-kind of. 13 miles is a long way! We are supposed to run 9 tomorrow and I am praying for rain- I think. I guess that could be another number, I kind of like pain. I know I am weird for that but it doesn't really bother me. I like to push myself to the limit, the threshold. Psychotic, huh?

  2. I got my first real haircut in the second or third grade because a classmate sucked up my hair in the vacuum cleaner at school. I had a haircut appointment that night but we had to take a little more off than expected because of the whole ordeal. It was kind of weird being that close to a vacuum cleaner for so long. It took a while to get out because it was one of those with the brushes so my hair went around and around the brushes. Thanks for the experience, Kurt.

  3. Some one recently pointed out that I tend to make big life changes in threes. I got year older; changed my name (which is big when you are a teacher)and got married (I guess that is pretty big too); and left the country for Europe for the first time, all in the same week. Then recently I quit my job, had babies, and moved across the country to a place I had never been -all within about 2 months.

  4. I love to stay at home. I love the cooking, sewing, and taking care of the house. Not so much the cleaning part of it, but I guess that comes with it. It was what I wanted to be when I grew up. Does that mean I am finally grown up?

  5. Fact number 5-this is getting harder. I hate seafood. I can't get past the smell. Andrew says I am crazy to have some aversion because of getting sick when I was younger on fish once. I wish I liked it because it is so good for you, but I smell it and want to throw up. Just writing this is making my stomach churn.

  6. I have only had 2 cavities in my life. The first when I was 20 and the second when I turned 30. They were both discovered right around those birthdays too. I am fortunate because I take horrible care of my teeth and I hate to floss. Andrew, on the other hand, is obsessed with oral hygiene and he has horrible teeth. In fact, Darce, we could buy you three SLR cameras for what we have spent on Andrew's teeth. It just doesn't seem fair. We hope the boys inherit my teeth, but his habits.

  7. Last but not least, hmm this is getting tough. I got the choir award in high school and was not there at the banquet because it was my only night off in months. I felt bad because Mr. Beckett had given some excuse like I was probably at some sporting or church event but no, I was at home with my feet up. I found out about it the next day when he announced it in class. I had no clue! Another award from high school where I was caught off guard was at our 10 year reunion. I was named "best kept". I don't know what that meant exactly. Was I that bad in high school? Of course that was before kids. I was pretty caught off guard and embarrassed with both of these awards.

There are my 7 and the last ones were pretty hard. I look forward to hearing from my tagees. (Yes, I can make up words like my sister-it must run in the family).

Here are my seven tags:

  1. Natalie and Greg: (Darce didn't tag them)

  2. Sue Dog (since you haven't blogged in a while

  3. Beth and Brian (since I like the way Beth writes)

  4. Mitzi and Jason (since I wish we were closer)

  5. Kelley (because it has been nice to catch up since high school)

  6. Katie and Nate (I feel like we are in this together with the twin thing!)

  7. Jim and Joanna (because I miss hearing from the Kingsport people)

What would a post be without a picture or two of the boys?

"mmm you taste good, so do you!"

"I am glad I can always lean on you little bro"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

9 Months!

We went to the doctor today, and Gavin is 17lbs 15oz, and 27in tall- 12th Percentile, so he is still considered "Little Man". Drew is 19lbs, and 27.8in tall-27th Percentile.

They really haven't found anything they don't like to eat: avocados, crackers, black beans, but bananas are their favorite. Drew loves to sit and play or lay on his back and kick, and Gavin as I type is playing with the springy door stop. They don't like to share, so they take turns stealing toys from each other. They love bath time. Gavin is a scooting machine, unfortunately his best direction is backward. As you can see in the picture with him under the couch, just because he can go in reverse, doesn't mean he can always go forward. The boy's favorite game with Daddy is stand up time. He will put his hands in from of them when they are sitting or on their backs and they reach out and pull themselves up to a standing position. Drew stands up and sits down over and over. Drew goes more for the stand for several minutes, then sit for a break, then stand up for several more minutes.