Saturday, October 25, 2008

Busy Week

Before we went to the airport to pick up our guests, we went to a pumpkin patch with a mom's group. The boys played with some toys they had there, they walked a little in the hay bale maze, and took a hayride to pick our pumpkins. We also saw some farm animals they had there and had a sweet snack. The boys had a great time, but Mom was exhausted! Keeping up with the boys is tiring. They seem to be going in opposite directions most of the time now.
Straight from the pumpkin patch we went to pick up Aunt Darcy and cousin Adie. They overall had a great flight and were glad to be on land. We showed them around the house and let them adjust to the time change the first evening.
Tues. we went for a walk and kind of just hung out and Gavin and I went to my women's Bible study. Wednesday, we went shopping and to the mall in the morning and then just played around the house in the afternoon. Darce braved watching all 3 of them while I went to our small group. Thurs. morning we ran around again (Costco and Wal-mart). We had a babysitter lined up for Thurs. night so Darcy and I could go play bunco, but there was a propane leak so we were unable to play.
Friday morning we went to a gymnastics facility with another mom's group and the kids played. We then went out to dinner and hung out with some of my friends last night. Today we are just kicking back and taking it easy because there has not been a night where everyone slept all night. Last night was really bad for the Greene boys.
I need to add some of the pictures with the boys and Adie but it is going to have to wait because I need a nap. Darce put a new program on our computer and I am still trying to get the hang of it so, I don't know how to add any more pictures right now. We plan on going for a walk later at a park so maybe we can get some good ones there. Hope you have a great weekend and have had a great week. I know we have, it has gone so fast!
Never mind I figured it out and added pictures!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hello, Grandma?

Thank you, Grandma, we love our phones! We talked on them for over an hour when Mommy gave them to us. She was able to make dinner without having to step over toys in the kitchen. Drew walks around talking on speaker phone while Gavin prefers the conventional way. Thank you so much! Now whenever Mommy gets on the phone so can we!

Grandma also got us some Vol outfits and we can finally fit in them, but we really did not want our picture taken. We were just not having it. (I think they knew the vols were not going to win). Maybe we will try again. It is funny they get so much attention around here in these bright orange outfits. It is not like in TN where everyone is sporting their obnoxious orange this time of year. It kind of stands out here.

The pictures are not that great but entertaining to go through. Can you think of a caption for these?

I thought of one for Drew's "How could I see that and the refs could not?"

Maybe one for Crompton (Is that how you spell it?) "This is a football, dude. You are playing Division 1, surely you can hand it off!"

I am sure you all can think of some better ones!

We have a busy schedule next week so I will hopefully have some pictures to post. Have a great week!