Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A little of this and a Little of That

This is what Andrew's Grandma would say when you asked her what she was up to and if you would ask her how to make some thing. It is a sweet memory of her that I will be sharing with my boys. .

Anyway, that is also what we have been up to.

Helping with the lawn before the snow came. Wow, they are all looking at the camera that is a first.

Working on our letters. This is James' letter it is one of the few they know by name (because we call him that-J) rather than the sound or whose name it begins with. For example M is Mommy and Mary's letter. D is Drew, Daddy's and Denise's letter.

Playing pilgrims and Indians (is that PC?) sorry about the lighting Andrew was trying to take pictures last night and reset the camera and it is too complicated for me to figure out while trying to get a shot. So, you will have to believe me that there is an Indian hat too.

And this is what James has been doing a lot of. He is getting some teeth-like 4 and he is super cranky. I am not sure how much is teeth and how much is lack of sleep (for all of us). This was last night when Andrew was getting the best setting for pictures that I can't reset right now. Well, he is currently doing this now as I type because he is "messing up" his brother's tent. I think cabin fever is setting in. I know it is for me! Have a great day!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trick or Treat!

These Cowboys look like they need some candy, huh?

I hope this is the only time I will see a skunk in our court! Isn't he the cutest lil' stinker (that is what it says on the back of his costume, right under the tail)!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cowboy Days

I am pretty proud of the way my first attempt at a pattern since middle school turned out! It only took like 3 nap times (that is how I measure projects). I take that back I just made myself a shirt from a pattern. I really have been feeling like I need to blog about things that I have created lately, I just have not taken the time. So now it is out there so hold me to it bloggers! Anyway, the big boys had cowboy days today at preschool. They were not to happy about dressing up but when they saw the tractor for the hayride and the seal saddle they were in and would not take the outfit off!

Honestly they picked out their own hankies. I promise! I think I have created blue and green monsters! There were so many colors to choose from and this is what they chose. I worked out really well because their shirts matched perfectly. Now just to decide if I can make their other costume before this weekend or will they be this for trick or treating?

Put a cowboy hat and chaps on the boy and he thinks he can ride anything!

Am I biased or are these the cutest cowboys you have ever seen?

Here is the whole getup! I have to say they were more work than I thought finding everything and putting it all together and would have been easier to buy the 24$ costume but I look at this picture and it was worth every minute and all the hassle!

Of course a post would not be complete without an update on the squirt. Yes, he got stuck under the couch he is not the first, and yes, I am that mom that gets the camera instead of helping him out. Sorry about the quality he got out before I could adjust the settings. Can you tell he is my 3rd?

My boys! They were all sitting on the couch this weekend and I could not resist. Yes, J. is not looking at the camera and pestering Harp (my first adopted son) but the other pictures the other 2 were not looking. How are we going to do a family picture for Christmas cards?

I love my boys!!!!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Crisp

Of course we had to make something with all our apples. The boys were a big help!

Maybe a little too much help!

Due to my lack of hair cutting ability J got buzzed this weekend. His hair is so blond he looks bald! It is actually a 2 guard! I tried to talk Andrew into longer but he looks cute no matter what, huh? Sorry it is a little blurry, I know Andrew and my sister will comment but you try getting a good picture of a toddler with a new hair cut and a running nose that isn't blurry. He was finally like just leave me alone and I don't want to look at you any more! I have to say he (well they all are) is so cute!

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Apple Picking 2!

So you are going to have to scroll down and work backwards becuase I forgot blogger did this.

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Apple Picking

We went and picked apples with our MOPS group last week. Andrew took the day off and joined us so we got some great pictures I thought I would share.

I think I only picked one apple unless you count the ones I picked out of the bad that were not acceptable. It was nice to just let them pick away and they did a great job! I think they enjoyed the fruits of their labor the most though!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is what they made while we were getting information at the open house. Isn't it cute? They go to Kids Express Preschool so everything is train oriented. They are in the caboose class!

Yes, I am THAT mom! I can't just bring in school supplies for their teachers can I? Do they look ready to go?

I think they are a little apprehensive?

This is where they hang their backpacks!

Of course J was staying busy! Notice the shiner? This was the first one, he has had another in the exact same spot last week just as this one was getting better. He has to learn not to throw fits and not to go down stairs like a big boy.

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Here they go! Did you notice the wardrobe change? It was nice to have Daddy with us to remind us that in the open house they said they would be doing things that parents don't let their kids do often which equals messy! Today they came home with playdough all over! I can just imagine the floor-better there than here!!!!!!! There are only 4 girls in the class of 16 and another set of twin boys so I can only imagine! I think the boys are also confused because their teachers names are Miss Shelly and Mrs. Michelle. Number one when I would ask them their teacher's name before they started they would say Aunt Michelle. I told them no this was another Michelle and with the other teacher being Shelley they are now signing notes home as Missshelley because that is what all the kids call them both! How cute!
Of course Andrew caught everything including Mommy's tears as we were leaving. At least they did not see them but of course Andrew had to snap a few so I could remember the whole day!

I think they are enjoying it. All they talk about is playing outside and snack-typical right? I don't really know what to do with myself. I keep feeling like I am forgetting something. I got my grocery shopping done today in record time though and even made a trip to Joanne's it is amazing what you can do with only one in tow.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Official End of Summer

So Summer officially ends tomorrow with MOPS (moms of preschoolers) starting and Open House for preschool Friday. It was a sweet summer and I had the privledge of spending two nights a week in two different Bible studies. I learned so much from these ladies in my Mon. night group and hope to continue to learn from them. They are definitely some of my favorite people and we just don't seem to have enough time to spend together. I think we could talk for hours about spiritual things and then talk about the girly things that girls usually talk about for several more days and then mom things for a couple of months! They are an incredible group of women and I will miss spending an evening learning from them and growing in Christ.

I think Gavin is ready for school. He may not think so but he is obviously bored with the things we do around here.

Just a few parting pictures from our last days of summer. It was sure nice to have Daddy home this past weekend so he snapped a few pics.

For those of you that know our house layout, yes that is James standing on the table. This seems to be an everyday battle-he loves, loves, loves to climb and he is so fast.

I am sure the boys will keep their new teachers on their toes. Do they even know what is coming?

Sorry about the lack of blogging, I have been subbing for someone on maternity leave at work so that makes a lot of early mornings. (Actually she is up in the picture above, she looks great, can you even tell which one she is? Rachel, I think my baby belly is bigger than yours and my baby is a year not a month like in this pic!) That also makes for a lot of long days, but blogging has not made it on the to do list. She is back so hopefully I will be also! I am not cut out for working and being a mom, more power to those of you that are-I don't know how you do it! My job is only 3 hours a week or so and I am beat of course there is prep time too but anyway, my heart goes out to you! I have to admit it is nice to get paid for something you like to do and would be doing anyway!

I know there will be plenty more pictures to come with school starting and some upcoming outings! James is up from his AM nap so that means I need to stop. I keep hoping he is going to be done with it but not so. Maybe it will be nice to have him sleep while the boys are at school? At least he can sleep on the go so we won't be home bound-you all know me better than that anyway! Have a good one!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So the title is Whoa because I looked at how long it has been since I blogged and then I just thought it was funny because the boys are riding a pig :)

We had the pleasure of having cousin Katherine and aunt Michelle visiting last week we loaded up and headed to Seattle for the weekend. We had a great time and great weather.

Here is Gavin climbing the Space Needle. It was an awesome surprise that we got there and it was free to get in-that was like 100$ savings. We also went to the aquarium which was great but not very stroller friendly. The boys were also disappointed that there were no sharks. What can I say Andrew watched some Shark week and that was all they talked about.

Here is Aunt Michelle and Drew enjoying the view. Michelle watched all the kids at the hotel and we got a date night in a real city. Thanks aunt shell!

J. has become quite the little man. He has a couple of words-all right (said as a redneck thanks to his Daddy), hot, mama, dada, the beginning of ut-oh, and almost Harper. The boy can climb! Enough said, I don't want to talk about what he has climbed because I might loose all of my Mommy points.
As far as the boys, they are doing well and also becoming little men. I know I have said it before but we really have to watch what we say. The other day Drew told Gav that he hurt his feelings and Gav said I'm sorry Drew I don't want to hurt your feelings. So luckily they are getting some of the good stuff too.
They also know almost all of the letters and they have kind of taught themselves. They know the letter because of peoples names so we are running with it and now working on the sounds they make. For instance, they know M for Mary (our small group leader), Mommy, and Michelle. They find letters everywhere! Today Drew made the connection that D says duh. They will be reading before we know it. Which leads me to another thing that just happened today. We got a call last week that they had one spot in preschool-well that does us a lot of good. Today I got the call that there was another withdrawal- we are all in! I just feel like a burden has been lifted. I can almost picture it. Grocery shopping with just one-I have never had that before. They are excited but disappointed that they don't get to ride a bus-that will also be here before we know it. They are settling for riding Mommy's bus. My Mon. and Wed. will never be the same!!!!! Today was just a great day all around. J slept until 8. I got a call and got to teach again-yes, I taught two classes today before 11! The boys have been good and then I got a call about preschool. I know I need a nap but I have too much adrenaline going right now I am so excited or maybe it is the Diet Coke I treated myself too(I am starting to blog like my sister!)?
Anyway, sorry it had been way too long but I decided to start what is going on right now and maybe fill in some stuff from the last month and a half. Thanks for reading!

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