Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 Generations of Haircuts

So after the boys had haircuts Grandpa Greene decided he needed his hair cut and he was going to let the boys do it.
Drew really did a good job and was really into it-notice the tongue. Gavin just liked to see the hair fly.

Andrew had cut his the night before, so he started this whole hairy mess!

James got a trim but we are not ready for the buzz cut yet with him. I guess we should have taken J.'s shirt off too :) Love my boys!!!!
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So we gave the boys haircuts a couple of Sundays ago. For some reason we didn't get one of Drew before the haircut so here he is during . . .

Gavin before-notice the cake mustache. He wouldn't be Gavin if he didn't have something on his shirt or face.

Poor kid sporting a mullet.

After the haircut! I am having regrets only because I can't tell them apart from the back anymore if they are wearing the same thing. I do have to say it is easy to take care of and I am all about simplicity right now.
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