Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

I am already ready for Spring and the weather has not even been bad here. The boys just love being outside and it has not been ideal for them to be out. It would also be nice if we had a fence so we could all relax outside-hint hint, my wonderful husband.

So I have been telling the grandparents that I would post some video and this is the best we have. The boys are on the go all the time now and we were trying to keep it short for the blog and it just was not working. We try to keep it short so we don't loose past posts-if anyone knows how to avoid this please share your knowledge. We did get some cute footage of dancing to some marching band music-Gav has got some moves, but either Harp was barking or Drew was mad or Gavin was pounding on some metal bowls and you could not hear anything. So this is the best we have. They have identified some of their body parts for a while but I have just not tried to get it on video. Drew was not having anything to do with performing on this day he just wanted to sit on my lap but of course he is "talking" through the whole thing. I know I have talked about his obsession with lights and now you can hear just a glimpse of what I am talking about. Gavin would also not do anything without his pacey that day. So here it is.

Speaking of pacey the boys have also been working on following instructions. We are trying to just let Gavin have his pacey in his bed, but it is not going so well. When we leave their room I always have him put his pacey in bed. He usually obliges and we are on our way. The other day he was just not cooperating. He stood there testing me probably wondering what I would do if he did not put his pacey in the bed. I told him twice and was about to take action, but Drew took care of it. He pulled the pacey out of Gav's mouth threw it in his bed (the one Gav was sleeping in that week) and made his way out the door. I did not realize that he was catching on to the directions that I was giving Gavin to do. I had never told him to put anything in bed but he obviously knew the routine and was ready to move on. It amazes me what little sponges they are! I hope we are having them soak up the right things-that is my prayer!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Jodie tagged me a while back and I am just getting around to posting about it. The tag is to blog about the 4th picture in your fourth file. I had it pretty easy because we have not had our computer for very long.

This was just the beginning of Drew's climbing in things. He now has moved onto bigger things. He loves to get in the cabinet that you can kind of see in the picture and his truck toy box. It is nice that they are playing a little more independently now. The only problem is they are a little clingy right now. Especially Drew, it could be due to the fact that he has been suspended from the church nursery for biting so he rarely leaves my side, or the fact that he is cutting 4 teeth (again). It is so neat to see them grow. They seem to be adding words to their vocabulary everyday! Anyway, the people I am tagging are Darce, Sue, Beth, and Natalie. Thanks, Jodie.

On another note, we have been playing catch up here. While Darce was here Andrew was in Europe for work for 10 long days. Then, Gavin woke up the night after Andrew got back with the stomach flu. It was so sad because he had no idea what was going on and looked at me as if to say, "Mommy, fix it!" That was Wed. night. Friday (Halloween) Andrew came home with the stomach bug. Drew had it Sat. and I had it Sunday. It was not the best of weekends. So, needless to say I feel so behind. So, here are some of the few pictures that I have from Halloween:

I know it is kind of hard to tell but of course they are frogs. Greene frogs. So where is my true love to turn me back into a prince?

Thanks for reading!