Thursday, January 24, 2008

They are Growing so Fast!

Thought I would post some random pictures. They are just growing too fast!

The boys are playing in their room while Mommy and Daddy finish getting ready for church. Don't they look cute in their new sweaters and cords from Grandpa and Grandma Susie? This picture was taken last Sunday the 20th.

They may be hard to see since they are in their camouflage, but they are trying out the new couch. Gavin is not to sure about it but Drew knows he is cute and "Macho like Daddy".

The boys saying thank you to Mommy for not putting them in matching outfits for a couple of hours and thank you to Grandma Susie and Grandpa for the bath toys.

And last but not least, ready to head to the mall.

Friday, January 18, 2008

All Work and No Play?

Grandpa Bean and Grandma Susie are here spoiling us! As grandpa says they are not spoiled they all smell that way. We hung out around the house a lot because the boys have some pretty nasty colds. On top of that I have felt a front tooth trying to come through in Drew's mouth. So needless to say they were not our normal cheerful, happy little boys. In fact, we have had some lost sleep the last couple of night and it has been a couple of months since that had happened. I had forgotten how lucky we were to have such good sleepers.

The boys took a lot of naps with Grandpa and Grandma and they played a lot with them. In fact, they just started sitting up right before they arrived. They also show cased their musical talents. It is true that no matter how many toys a child can have pots and pans are always fun!

Gavin winces every time he hits the pot, but he is very talented if I may say so myself. Drew, being the clown that he is, loves to smile for the camera. The boy looks good in hats doesn't he?

One of the biggest things they did while they were here is they painted 3 rooms in our house. The white walls were just not homey. (Is that a word?) So we now have some accent walls and I will post more pictures later. As you can see the painting was no easy feat.

We are so glad they came to see us at our new home and play with us. The next time they see us we will be almost 1. We appreciate them spending their vacation with us and I hope we didn't work you too hard so you will come back very soon. We love you and miss you already!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I am sorry I have been a slacker. Andrew had a lot of time off of work and we just could not get into a routine with him home. We had a wonderful time with him home though. The boys love playing with Daddy and he really makes them work. We had a very relaxing Christmas and a pretty calm New Years. We really just hung out at home except for our excursion to Sand Point, Idaho. We just went for the day (Saturday) and we drove through Spokane and had a very enjoyable day. It was very cold and very snowy. Harper went with us and once he settled down we had a good drive. The boys did really well also. As I said it was very cold so we did not get out of the van much except for this picture and some food stops. The boys had their first dining out experience and they did very well. They love their baby food. It seems they are growing so fast. They have also gotten spoiled since Daddy was home. They are in bed crying right now. A half and hour nap is just not enough and they won't seem to go back to sleep without being held. I wonder why that is, Daddy?

The whole point and shoot just is not the same now with two little ones. This used to be how we got our best pictures. It is a little difficult now for some reason. So here is another picture.

Gavin would not keep his hands in the blanket. Drew liked to be all cuddled up so you can just see the back of his head. It was a very pretty lake and we will probably go back on a warmer day when we can get out and enjoy it.

The boys are back to sleep (I am glad it only took about 5 minutes so I guess they were still tired.) So I will leave you with some pictures we took yesterday!