Monday, October 19, 2009

Has it Really Been Two Weeks?

Has it really been that long since I have blogged? It seems like yesterday, forever ago! At lot has gone on since we took our trip around the Olympic Peninsula. Andrew has been to Japan and back, and we have had several outings, some cold weather and I don't know where all my time goes!

I thought I would show some pictures of our adventure. We dropped off Miss Lori at the Seattle Airport and Drew cried all the way to the "big boat. " He didn't want Miss Lori to leave. We then took the Ferry to Bremerton. The boys thought it was cool that we were in a car on a boat. It was an hour ride so we went up to the top. To have a look.

Then we drove onto and stayed the night in Port Townsend. The boys were throwing rocks into the water (San Juan de Fuca-careful how you say that!) . Something they are really good at and love to do.

This was a great little town but it is a place where we said we would love to go back without kids. It had some really neat restaurants and shops and it was not the kind of place that really welcomes 2 year olds and a 3 month old. If fact, a lot of the hotels said no children under 12.

We then drove on and went to the Olympic National Forest and made a little hike. The weather was beautiful and we could see all the way to Canada. Before children, Andrew and I went to CA and drove quite a bit of highway 1o1. We got on it again clear up at the top in WA. We would love to drive the rest of it someday but we made some progress on this trip. The picture of the boys throwing rocks is on the coast so it is the actual ocean- J's first view!

this was a picture of us at the Quinault Lodge next to Lake Quinault and the Olympic Rain Forest. Who knew there was a Rain forest in WA. We live in the dessert then we went to Seattle where it rains a ton and then to an actual Rain Forest. It was a really nice lodge. Andrew laughs but it is what I would call roughing it. No TV and only a claw foot tub. Anyway, it was really awesome weather and we had a great time.

Then we took the Hike to Irely Lake. As I said before, I think it was the longest mile of my life. I love Drew's expression and the fact that Gavin is pointing at the 30 mi. hike. Then, even though Andrew was ready to head home, I insisted that we stay the night in Seattle and head to the zoo. The boys were looking so forward to that, in fact that was the topic of conversation between them. Drew, " I go to the Zoo". Gavin, "No, Dew go to zoo." They had the same conversation about motorcycles. I love the look J is giving the Camera. I think he enjoyed the zoo too.

Maybe we can talk Andrew into posting about China? We are going to the pumpkin patch Thurs. barring sickness or bad weather. So, more recent pictures are to come! Have a good one!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What were we thinking?

We were literally climbing the walls and had to get away. I (Denise) had a dear friend from TN visiting. Lori had never been to Seattle so she landed there and we had a weekend (well, I had one night and 2 days) seeing the sights. The next weekend we took her back and we (meaning J and I) had another long weekend as a family. We drove the Olympic Peninsula. What were we thinking taking 3 little ones? I don't know how many times we said this would be a great place to come again without kids! There will be more of a post sometime about our trip but I thought I would post J's first laugh. He would only laugh for Lori and he finally laughed for me the other day. Here is his second laugh, we got the first but the older boys were there and all you can really hear is their laughter. I miss you already, Lori!