Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A little of this and a Little of That

This is what Andrew's Grandma would say when you asked her what she was up to and if you would ask her how to make some thing. It is a sweet memory of her that I will be sharing with my boys. .

Anyway, that is also what we have been up to.

Helping with the lawn before the snow came. Wow, they are all looking at the camera that is a first.

Working on our letters. This is James' letter it is one of the few they know by name (because we call him that-J) rather than the sound or whose name it begins with. For example M is Mommy and Mary's letter. D is Drew, Daddy's and Denise's letter.

Playing pilgrims and Indians (is that PC?) sorry about the lighting Andrew was trying to take pictures last night and reset the camera and it is too complicated for me to figure out while trying to get a shot. So, you will have to believe me that there is an Indian hat too.

And this is what James has been doing a lot of. He is getting some teeth-like 4 and he is super cranky. I am not sure how much is teeth and how much is lack of sleep (for all of us). This was last night when Andrew was getting the best setting for pictures that I can't reset right now. Well, he is currently doing this now as I type because he is "messing up" his brother's tent. I think cabin fever is setting in. I know it is for me! Have a great day!