Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Room Down!

So we finished another room. It was not as easy as it was last time I did these circles. Luckily, this time Andrew helped. This second picture may look familiar. I basically redid the nursery I had done in TN. That was before we were pregnant and way before we knew about the twins. I liked how it turned out so, I just did it again. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

I know I only posted a picture of poor Gavin last time. I have one of Drew this time. Drew has cut 4 teeth. Yes, 4 teeth! Needless to say I am ready to stop nursing!

Daddy calls them fourfys instead of toothys (get it? twothys?)

I purchased a valentine's clearance item, but the boys were not sure how to use it. They thought it was funny when I wore them, and they of course like to chew on them but . . .

Harper had to show them how it was done!

They thought that was pretty hilarious!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Home Sweet Home

Happy Valentine's Day!

The boys and I went to MOPS today and Andrew and I are going to have some filets tonight to celebrate. Things sure change for holidays like this when you have kids. So I will post some photos of where we will be spending our Valentine's Day.

I am sure you can tell the before and the after. The prospective is a little different becuase Andrew did not want the windows to be the focus this time. We finally have a room finished! Andrew would say that it is not finished becuase we do not have our audio/visual stuff completed yet, but he is not sure how he wants to do it all yet. I am not sure how much money we want to use to do it, so we are not getting very far with that. So for now, it is a finished room. This next picture is of a wall I am pretty proud of. I saw a picture similiar in a magazine and I kind of used it and added some of my own flair with the help of the Uppercase Living wall transfer.

You may be asking what is Uppercase Living? Well, those of you that scrapbook and know what a rub-on transfer is. . . well it is kind of like that for your wall. If you want to know more or see a catalog, let me know becuase ASAP because I just so happen to be having a party and would be glad to tell and show you about it. Just email me or let me know on the blog comments and I will give you the website and other info so you can look at it. If you can't read the words it says "Family is one of God's masterpieces." They have some really neat stuff and some great quotes and sayings. I think my favorite part is the way it highlights the boys. I guess we still have some end tables and maybe lamps to get for our little couch but we are going to see what we are going to do with the audio equipment (and we come to that point again). We spend the majority of our time in this room so it is nice to have what was in my head acutally in the room now.

This is the room you walk into when you walk in the front door although you can't see the front door in any of these pictures. We pretty much just moved our front room in TN and put all that furniture in the front room here. I didn't have a before or after from the same prospective but I am sure you can piece it together.

That is all I had Andrew take pictures of. I guess I could clean our bedroom and have him take a picture of that becuase it is finished. Unless I add some Uppercase Living stuff. I still have some things I want to paint in the kitchen and I hope to paint to boys' room this weekend so I will keep you updated on that. What is a post without a picture of at least one of the boys?

Sorry it is a little blury but can you guess what I am doing? This is my poop face. Daddy gets on Mommy's case for laughing at me becuase I am struggling but can you blame her? Even though she knows she has some diaper duty ahead you can't help but laugh.

Monday, February 4, 2008

These are the Days of Our Lives

The boys are 8 months old today! Time flies when you are having fun! I am going to explain our schedule for a typical day. Those of you that know me know I am a pretty routine kind of person and the boys are following my lead. They like their schedule and can get pretty grouchy if we get off of it. So here is a typical day in our life.

6:00 Mom gets up and runs with Harp on Mon. and Wed. and now Thurs. Does yoga on Tues. and Fri. (It is for both of us he needs the exercise and so do I). And we are training for a half marathon. Am I crazy-the verdict is still out on that one but I will talk more about the half in another blog entry.

6:30 Andrew gets up and gets ready for work and hopefully the boys are still sleeping.

6:45-7 Mom gets home, feeds Harp, showers, and hopefully the boys are still asleep. Daddy kisses the boys goodbye and usually the garage door wakes them up as he heads out for work since they sleep right over it.

7:15-7:30 diaper changes and feeding

7:45 play time for the boys -devotional and breakfast for mom.

8:00 cereal for the boys

8:30 -10:00after clean up the boys play on their own for as long as possible while I do household chores, read my email, or whatever needs to be done. (Usually there is a call to or from Aunt Darcy in here too.)
10:00 the boys get another diaper change and go down for a nap. Gavin is always ready at this time and sometimes Drew talks himself to sleep. While they are sleeping I am currently writing this blog (it is hard to do with them awake) or fixing their lunch.
On a good day they will sleep until 11:30 usually it is about 11:00 or 11:15 and they get up ready for some Mommy time. Most of the time it is Gavin up first because he went to sleep first and he doesn't require as much sleep as his brother (he is just like his dad). As you can see from the picture Drew is still awake and Gavin is already out cold.
11:30 feeding time (again) and diaper change.
12:00 Mommy eats and they play a little bit.
12:30ish-1:00 the boys eat their solids and by the time they are cleaned up it is time for Days of our Lives (yes, I am hooked and I know it is a bad sign when the boys stop whatever it is they are doing when the familiar intro comes on). This is also the time where they get dressed. yes, I know it is 1:00 but why get another outfit dirty? We also try to fit tummy time and crawling time in here.
2:00 -2:30 story time and naptime also another diaper change
3:30 sometimes 3 the goal is 4 Mommy time when they wake up. While they are sleeping I get stuff ready for dinner, make phone calls, take Harper outside, laundry, or do whatever needs to be done.
between 4:00 and 4:30 feeding time (again) starting yesterday we are trying a bottle it didn't go so well but hopefully today will be better.
5:00 solids
5:30-6:00 Daddy comes home. Harp cries, the boys laugh, and mommy gets some relief.
The rest of the evening is play time with Daddy and we try to eat somewhere in there too.
8:00 PJ time and diaper change and eating again.
8:30 they are out gearing up for another day! Then Mommy and Daddy get some time together and we usually fall asleep watching TV.
These are the days of our lives. . . . Except for Tues. (Joy in the Morning Bible study) and one Thurs. a month (MOPS) and any time we have to run errands and of course the weekends. Which by the way, this weekend was their first trip sitting like big boys in a shopping cart. They thought they were pretty cool and they loved it although they were so sleepy becuase they are used to sleeping while we are out. I wish Wal-mart had the double carts like Costco does. Any suggestions? I am going to try to make a double cart thing and see if it works at Wal-mart too until their legs get too big to fit in the sigle leg hole. The bucket seats although heavy where nice for shopping. (Unless I was buying a lot and then there just isn't a whole lot of room in the cart for anything.) I guess I am going to have to shop without them for a while.

This was taken while I was reading my email and Gavin began to cry. What is wrong with this picture? I am sure this is just the begining. So these are the days of our lives . . . .