Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What We Have Been Up To. . .

Gavin is now on two wheels, he picked it up after like 2 days of practice.  This surprised us both because he really has no interest in his big wheel (unless someone else is on it).  Which leads to the next thing he is working on-steering. Due to the fact that he does not really ride his big wheel he is not that great at watching where he is going.  We are so proud of him though!

This is what Drew thinks of this!  He has no interest and yes that is a sled in July!

He wants Gavin to get a new bike so he can have the training wheels on.  He is perfectly content to cruise around on his big wheel.
We had a trip to the emergency room with J.  He made it without a trip until he was two which is more than I can say for the other 2.  I think the third time went pretty smoothly as far as emergency room trips go.  He fell on the coffee table which recently just made it's reappearance and now it is banned back out to the garage.  One of our other trips was due to the same coffee table and it does not even have any sharp edges. I think a padded one is in our future or I may need a padded room!  I think the blood on his shirt makes him look tough along with the hospital band. He would not show me his ouchie so this was the best picture I have.  How ironic that he was wearing this shirt when he fell! He had 4 staples which went in easier than they came out! He is sporting a black eye at the moment.  Are all boys like this or is it just because I have so many?
First soccer practice, notice the tongue! I think we will see a lot of this!
I also think we will see a lot of this, Gavin looking confused!


It is going to be a fun and exciting year.  I am not sure how I feel yet about being on the other side of coaching when they are my kids.  I have already had to tell Andrew they are only 4 and that they are learning how to follow directions and get to know their team.  I have to say, it was pretty cute when they were doing a drill and the boys kept on passing it to one another.  (I guess I can't shake the coach in me, it was actually a circle where they kicking the ball to someone after they said that person's name so maybe not really a "drill":)
I was not sure if they didn't know anyone else's name or if they just were used to kicking the ball back and forth with their brother.  Either way it is going to be a fun year with a lot of learning about ourselves from ALL of us!
So this is what we have been up to.  I just installed some updates to blogger and I have to say it is about time.  It is easier but I still have some learning to do.  Speaking of learning school starts soon and I am so ready! Again, I have learned that I like being on the other side of this teacher thing!  I have to say it is weird still to not go back to school.  At least now I have a reason to buy school supplies:)


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