Friday, September 16, 2011

Seattle, Soccer and School-Oh MY

Uncle Greg had a night layover in Seattle so we drove up to see him. 
Here is Uncle Greg, Drew, and Gavin and the hammering man in downtown Seattle.

The fresh fish market in Pikes Market.  There is a shark right in front of Gav and you will have to ask Greg for the rest of the story.  I only saw the end with a startled Gav and a laughing Greg.  Apparently the shark is on a string and when someone gets close one of the men pull the string. 

Here we are behind the market at a park overlooking the Harbor.  You can see the stadiums over  my shoulder.
Now onto soccer!  Drew scored his first goal in his first game. We were so proud. He came back over and he said, "this is the best game ever!"  He loved it!  He stayed right in there even though everyone else on the team is a head taller.  He loved it!  Gav on the other hand. . . .

This is what he spent most of his time doing.  When Andrew asked why he wasn't getting in there he said he didn't want to kick anyone.  He was more excited about his uniform and water bottle than the actual game.  There is always next week.  He is so excited about the tunnel!( They make a human tunnel for all the kids to run through and give high fives. )  The picture of Drew is through the tunnel.  You can see he loved it!

We quickly learned that they were not able to be on the field at the same time. . .  yes this is real.  I am glad that they love each other but GET IN THE GAME!  At least it had not started yet.

1st day of preschool!  They are going Mon., Wed., and Thurs. this year.  I have to say there were no tears from mom this year.   I could not get them out of the van fast enough. I love them but as I have said before I have never had just one home before.  Grocery shopping is so much easier!

In case you have been wondering what J. has been doing all this time while the bigger boys have been doing so much.  Well, he has been hangin' out (literally!)
Still getting used to the new blogger. This just took me 3 days to figure out:)
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